Machine Tools Products

Metal Working Fluids and Specialties

MAGNAHONE 200H5Low viscosity finishing oil for Honing/Lapping/Grinding and Super Finishing. Fortified with polar additives for excellent flushing and provide good finishes.
MAGNACUT 10A unique formulation intended for use in Swiss-Style automatics which are dedicated to very difficult to machine alloys, especially high temperature alloys.
MAGNACUT -12Medium viscosity oil recommended for any type of drilling, boring, trepanning and deep hole drilling operations. This product is suitable for cast Irons, all types of steels, stainless steels and also nonferrous alloys.
MAGNABRAOCH -17A great oil for broaching and automatic turning of larger bar stock diameters. Also good for gear shaving and hobbing where low viscosity oil is prefered.
MAGNACUT 32High viscosity oil for heavy duty machining and hobbing. Excellent EP package for enahncing tool performance. Can be used on both ferrous and non ferrous materials.
MAGNAGRIND 10Specially designed additive combinations which results in excellent cooling and wetting properties that leads to high tool life and high performance between the dressing cycles.suitable for grinding of tempered & soft surfaces with CBN Grinding wheels.