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Specification of Chip Crusher

  • Twin Screw Feeder Conveyor
    • Curly Chips – dry & semi-dry are charged into the Twin Screw Conveyor manually from the tilting type chip bins collected from various machines. Twin Screw conveyor ensures positive chips feeding compared to single screw conveyor and to an extent can help larger quantity chips feeding.     
    • Screw Conveyors ensure even feeding of the chips to the crushers.The helicoid Screw flights have a constant pitch with a same diameter and hence for each of the revolution a definite quantity of chips only get fed to the Crusher
    • The bar grid at the discharge end of the Screw Conveyor with large openings ensure dropping of small tool bits, fasteners, bar ends along with powdery chips, thus ensuring the safety of the Crusher.
    • Powdery chips are collected in a separate trolley and are manually charged to Crushed Chips Lifting Conveyor. The frequency normally depends on the amount of powdery chips content in the total chips.
    • Carbon Steel Screw flights rotating at low rpm deliver higher torque and force feed chips to the Crusher duly separated from bar end, tool bits etc.


  • The crusher has built in safety: When large units or blocks entangled with chips try to enter into the Crusher, the Crusher tries to crush the same.
  • In case if the Crusher cannot crush the bar ends or solid blocks the torque on the drive shall increase resulting into the drive unit mounted on a spring, to tilt.
  • The tilt operates limit switch making drive to rotate in opposite direction by one revolution and reject the large bar end or block.  If the same falls out, the Crusher will function in normal direction and continue to Crush the Chips.
  • However, if the part/bar-end does not get rejected, the Crusher make 3 successive attempts  and the Crusher Stops, simultaneously gives an audio-visual alarm signal so that the large part/ bar-end or block is manually removed.
  • The crusher is operator friendly, easy to maintain.  The life of blades is average about 5 year depending on the type of chips / bar end / tool bits / blocks contents and regular maintenance. Approximate cost of replacement ‘