About Us

Mahavir Enterprises is a reputed manufacturer Of chip handling systems, coolant filtration systems, material handling systems, scrap handling systems and special purpose machines in India.

Mahavir Enterprises

Mahavir Enterprises was established in the year 2012. Today, in such a short span of time we have established ourselves as the reputed manufacturer of filtration systems, chip conveyors, belt conveyors, filtration equipments, material handling equipments, with our experience we have been catering to the requirements of various industries.

We have evolved as “one stop” solution provider for all sort of requirements related to material handling and transmission. We have been engaged in manufacturing our innovative range of products that are both functionally superior and technologically advanced in nature. Our wide product rang includes:-

MTP conveyors.

  • Steel belt conveyor.
  • Scraper conveyor
  • Magnetic conveyor & Separator.
  • Screw & Coil conveyor.
  • Oil skimmer- Belt type & Online.
  • GC-1000 & GC-2000
  • Filtration System 50 LPM up to 500 LPM.


  • Scrap conveyors 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch,8 inch, 9 inch.
  • Chips processing unit.
  • Centralized coolant filtration systems.
  • Automation roller type conveyor.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of our premium range of chain conveyors, belt conveyors, magnetic conveyors and more. With our experience, we are facilitating the requirement of a large clientele across the country. Our enterprise with well-know quality manufactures allow us to select the equipment best suited for yours specific needs. We will ensure that you receive a system that is an intelligent, integrated design, and is also reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

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